How to place a call on hold with an iPhone

There are a lot of hidden tips and tricks in the iOS software, like how to take a screenshot of an entire webpage and use the back of the iPhone as a hidden button.

But did you realize that you could also pause a call? Since the option is visible on the screen, it is simple to do when another call comes in while you are already on another call.

Though it’s a secret technique, there is a way to put a call on hold when another call isn’t getting through. How? Read on.

How to pause a phone call on an iPhone

There are several situations in which you might want to pause a call. Of course, if you have another call coming in, which, as we indicated, the iPhone allows for by providing you with the option, that might be one of those reasons.

However, it could be that you need to chat with someone at the door, answer a call on another phone, or simply need a few minutes.

Use the instructions below to put a call on hold on your iPhone if no other calls are ringing.

1. Hold down the mute button on your iPhone while you’re on a call.

2.You must maintain pressure for a few seconds.

3. The other party will then be placed on hold.

4. Press the hold button once more to release the hold.

5. And that’s all!

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