Furniture store says sofa bed cover is detachable, customer says it’s not: ‘Unscrewing is needed’

The customer claims the sofa bed cover is not removable, but the furniture store claims it is. It is necessary to unscrew. “How do you define “detachable”?”
A customer discovered that removing the sofa bed’s cover required unscrewing the bed itself, despite the furniture store’s claim that the cover is removable.
When Stomper Fran and her husband purchased the sofa bed on December 6, 2020, the salesperson, according to her, did not mention the unscrewing.

She recalled: When I purchased the Lottie Sofa Bed from Star Living, the salesperson informed me that we could add $299 to the purchase price of a second set of fabric covers so that we could wash the sofa covers each year and have a new look.
“Just when we wanted to change the covers, we realized that two of the four pieces of fabric couldn’t be removed without unscrewing the sofa bed.
“I called Star Living because I thought it was a mistake (the salesperson told us that the covers are easy to remove because they are just velcro). Star Living claimed that a machine was used to screw the two pieces of side fabric into the sofa. They claimed that the sofa could be unscrewed to change the covers and then rescrewed.
“For the purpose of changing the covers, who would be willing to unscrew the sofa bed, possibly putting their safety and the furniture’s durability in jeopardy? It was unmistakably a no for me.
“I informed Star Living that we were not informed of this. We had been informed by the salesperson that it was simple to remove—all velcro was used. We were persuaded to purchase the covers by him.
“We were required to pay for the services of the manager, who offered to send a member of staff to assist us in changing the covers (unscrewing by machine and screwing it back). I informed her that my point was that I had no intention of removing the sofa’s screws. I wouldn’t want that either, even if they sent a staff member to change the sofa for free.
“There was no apologies for the “mis-selling” throughout the conversation.”

A spokesperson for Star Living responded to a question from Stomp by stating that they were aware of the situation because the customer had contacted them on January 3 to inquire about how to change the sofa covers for the Lottie Sofa Bed.
“The couple was verbally informed by our sales associate, but they were unable to accept that in order to replace the covers, they would need to unscrew a few parts of the sofa bed. Even though we repeatedly assured them that the stability would not be affected, they insisted on not unscrewing the sofa bed, so we offered to provide a video demonstration.
“To be clear, we have sold over 140 Lottie Sofa Beds since its launch in 2019, and this is the first such complaint we have received to date. The Lottie Sofa Bed is a popular model.
“The Lottie Sofa Bed actually has covers made of velcro that can be taken off completely. When changing the covers, the user only needs to unscrew a few parts and then screw them back on. Due to their usefulness, sofa beds and other detachable upholstered furniture frequently use this method of construction. The furniture’s long-term durability will not be compromised as long as the user does it correctly.
“As a result, the data presented on our website and in our showrooms is accurate and does not contain any errors.”
“When customers do inquire about how to change the covers at our stores, our sales associates will clearly explain it to them.”
“We have tried to check with the sales associate to see if he forgot to tell the customer that unscrewing is necessary when changing the cover, but we regret that he forgot what was said even though it was over two years ago.
“Despite this, we remained motivated to assist the customer with his problem. However, since the customer has refused to unscrew the sofa bed themselves and has rejected our suggestion to send over a video demonstration, we also offered to perform this service for a fee, but this was also flatly rejected.
“The customer insisted on a refund, but since the sale occurred more than two years ago and we did not provide any misleading information, we are unable to accommodate this unreasonable request. As a result, the customer took the situation to Stomp.

When Stomp inquired about Star Living’s response, the client responded, ” I wonder if it is ethical to advertise the sofa bed as having “fully detachable velcro covers” if the customer must unscrew the bed to remove the covers.
“Would someone be willing to remove the machine-screwed sofa in order to change the fabric? We were personally convinced that damaging the quality and stability of the furniture would result from unscrewing it, so we decided not to unscrew it.
“We cannot guarantee that we will not damage the sofa while unscrewing, despite Star Living’s assurance that the quality will not be affected.” We tried to unscrew the sofa bed, but it was really hard, just for your information. At that point, Star Living informed us that due to the machine-screwed construction, we would need to exert a lot of force.
“They stated that 140 sofa beds had been sold. The sofa bed is not a problem for us.
“The method by which the fabric covers were sold is the issue we have. We just wanted to buy the sofa bed. However, the salesperson informed us that the covers could be completely removed. We can get a new look every year for $299, which is roughly half the cost of the sofa bed. It would be as if we could buy a brand-new sofa bed every year for $299. We were persuaded to pay for the additional set of fabric covers by him.
“Because we wouldn’t want to unscrew the sofa bed, we turned down their ridiculous offer to send us a video showing us how to do so and to charge us a service fee to help us change the covers. We would not have purchased the additional set of fabric if we had been aware that we would need to unscrew the sofa bed in order to change the fabric. As a result, the additional set of fabric is now lost.
“Even though we made the purchase in 2020, we didn’t realize it until we wanted to change the covers to give them a new look. We had repeatedly informed the supervisor that we were not seeking a refund.
“The unethical sales strategy is the reason we are dissatisfied. On their website, it is still stated that the covers are detachable sofa fabric, but there is no mention of the need to unscrew.”

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